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At Anchor Pest Services, we understand just how important it is to maintain a pest-free home. It doesn’t matter if it’s ants, wasps, rodents, or another kind of Bedford pest — when pests make your property their own, your home feels anything but relaxing. Even if you’ve only seen signs of a pest in your home, it’s important to call an expert as soon as possible. Anchor Pest Services proudly offers free home inspections and will help you get back to pest-free living as soon as possible. We offer one-time and quarterly pest control services for your peace of mind. Learn more about each service below, and give us a call if you’re ready to schedule an inspection!

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The Exterminators at Anchor Pest Services Handle:

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One-Time Pest Control Services in Bedford

Is there anything more uncomfortable than knowing that you and your family aren’t the only residents in your home? Maybe you’ve discovered a colony of ants under the kitchen sink, or perhaps you’ve noticed rodents scurrying around the floor out of the corner of your eye. No matter what you’re experiencing, we understand that a pest invasion will make your home feel uncomfortable and unwelcoming until the problem is resolved.

We offer one-time pest control services for mice, other rodents, wasps, bed bugs, and more, but our service doesn’t stop once we’ve left your home. Unlike some Bedford pest control companies that will leave the ball in your court if pests return after a sub-par job, we offer an industry-leading, 30-day guarantee. While we always strive to rid your home of pests the first time around, you can count on our team to make it right if pests return.

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Residential Pest Control Services in Bedford

If there’s anything we’ve learned about pest control after years in the industry, it’s that there’s no defense quite as effective as a good offense. Although one-time pest control services can solve a problem once it’s arisen, our ongoing residential pest control program is designed to keep it from occurring in the first place.

We start by coming to your home to perform a thorough property inspection. We’ll take note of where your home is located and use any vulnerabilities we find in your property to develop a customized plan that keeps both seasonal and year-round pests out.

We schedule our appointment times according to your schedule and will always make sure that you understand what we’re doing before we get started. If you have any questions once we’ve left your property, just give us a call and our team will be happy to help!

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Bedford Pest Control

Comprehensive Pest Control Solutions You Can Afford

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Choosing the right pest control company is often the difference between a good night’s sleep and wondering when you’ll discover another pest in your home. At Anchor Pest Services, we understand that you’re putting your home and your family in our hands, and you can trust that our team will work tirelessly to ensure that you get the peace of mind you deserve.

We don’t just set the bar high — we continually raise it. We keep up with the industry’s latest technology to ensure that our clients get nothing but the absolute best, all while keeping our prices affordable and accessible.

If you’re ready to find out why Anchor Pest Services is Bedford’s preferred pest control company, give our team a call for a free inspection today!

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