5 Commercial Pest Control Services We Offer

When it comes to commercial spaces, it's important for your staff, customers, and inventory that you keep pests out. That's where our commercial pest control services come in.

At Anchor Pest Services, we understand that commercial pest control can be a complex and sensitive issue. That's why we offer comprehensive commercial pest control services. Learn more about the commercial spaces we help with and contact us today to get started!



Dealing with pests in a school environment can be difficult, as you have to take into account the safety of the students and staff. Our team of certified commercial pest control experts will work with you to find a solution that is safe and effective, so that you can keep your school pest-free.



Pests in the office can not only be a nuisance, but they can also pose a health and safety risk to your employees. We'll work with you to provide business pest control services that won't disrupt your employees.


Warehouses & Factories

Warehouses and factories are often difficult to keep pest free, due to the large amount of space and the number of entry points. Don’t take any risks — call in commercial exterminators at the first sign of a problem!



Pests in restaurants are a major health hazard and can result in your business being shut down. Don't take any chances and schedule commercial pest control!


Hotels and Motels

Dealing with pests in a hotel or motel can be a challenge, as you need to ensure that your guests are not disturbed and that the pests are eliminated quickly and effectively.

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