How to Keep Your Business Pest-Free

Maintaining your commercial space means keeping the areas clean and clear of any potential safety hazards for both your employees and your customers, and that also means helping to prevent pest infestations in your business space. At Anchor Pest Services, we know that keeping your business pest-free is important to you, which is why we’ve put together a simple guide to help! Keep reading to learn tips for pest prevention in your business and call us today to get professional pest control services.


Clean Regularly

One of the most basic ways to ensure that your business is inhospitable to pests is to clean regularly. Sweep the floors and vacuum the carpets regularly, wipe down any surfaces that have contact with food, and dust storage areas consistently to keep away grime, dirt, crumbs, and any other materials that may attract pests.


Check Incoming Shipments

One of the most common ways we see businesses getting pests is from the shipments they take in. From spiders to wasps to ants and even rodents, all kinds of pest passengers can hitch a ride into your commercial space by getting inside a package or pallet that you’re receiving. Keep an eye out for droppings, scratch marks, or chewed holes in your shipments and if you notice any of these signs, be sure to take preventative action to remove or eliminate the pests before they get into your business for good.


Keep Entryways Secure

While it may be tempting to keep your business doors open at all times, especially during warmer months with beautiful weather, keeping your doors closed at all times can help to prevent pest infestations. If you have to open your doors regularly, be sure to get preventative treatments to ensure the pests aren't’ invited in with your customers!


Work With The Experts!

Of course, the best way to ensure that your business stays pest-free is to work with the pest control experts in Manchester, Anchor Pest Services. Whether you need to get rid of pests that have already moved into your space or you’re taking preventative steps to ensure that you don’t get pests in the future, we’re here to help!

Learn more about commercial pest control services from Anchor Pest services online today. Give us a call today to get started and to learn more about the services that best fit your company’s needs!

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