What to Do If You Have Pests In Your Home

There is no worse feeling than discovering pests have invaded your home. It can have you feeling uneasy, as you will never know when a mouse, cockroach, or other pest will cross your path while inside the house. As one of the top pest control companies in Manchester, NH, Anchor Pest Services is here to teach you what to do if you have pests in your home. Find out more below, and visit our website to learn about our services.


Identify The Type of Pest

The first step toward seeking pest control is to determine which type of pest has invaded your home. Unfortunately, there is a wide variety of insects and pests that tend to invade homes, including spiders, ants, termites, mice, wasps, bed bugs, and many other types of insects and rodents. The best way to know is if you physically see the pest, but other signs can include droppings, markings, and physical damage.


Try Pest Prevention

Next, it is vital to undertake DIY pest prevention measures to inhibit more of them from entering the home. Start by removing potential sources of food, water, and shelter for pests. This can include properly storing food (and even garbage), fixing water leaks, removing clutter that provides pests a place to hide and breed, and blocking off areas where pests can enter.


Safely and Correctly Use Pesticides 

Once you have identified the type of pest, and if preventional measures are not working, it is time to use pesticides. Although this is best left to the experts, you can give it a go as long as you stay safe and correctly use pesticide products. Follow these tips:

  • Keep pets and children away from areas where pesticides have been applied

  • Purchase a pesticide advertised for your specific rodent problem

  • Always read and follow the instructions

  • Only apply chemicals approved for use in homes

  • Use bait to attract pests to the area with pesticides


Hire A Pest Control Specialist

If you are unsuccessful in getting rid of the pests, and if you don't want to or don't have the time to take are of it yourself it is time to contact Anchor Pest Services, as our skilled professionals will get the job done for you! We have the equipment and expertise to rid your home of pests in no time, and safety is our number one priority!

Has your home recently been invaded by pests? Have your attempts to get rid of pests seen little success? Give Anchor Pests Services a call, as we have several years of experience helping homeowners in Manchester rid their homes of insects, rodents, and more. Visit our website to book a service today!

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