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As Goffstown’s Local pest control company, we know that our local area has plenty of bugs and critters that will take any opportunity to make your home their own. Whether you’ve seen pests around your home or you’ve only seen signs that prompt suspicion, knowing that pests are in or around your home is anything but comfortable. Read more about our services and the kinds of pests we treat below, and give us a call or get in touch with us through our website to schedule a free inspection for your home!

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Year-Round Pest Protection

The most effective pest control service we have at our disposal doesn’t come in a can or bottle. In fact, our most effective service is one that only needs to be performed once a quarter! One-time services are a great solution to an existing infestation, but they’re reactive in nature. Our quarterly pest protection service, on the other hand, is proactive and designed to keep pests out of your home and away from your property — period.

We start by developing a customized plan that takes your location, home, and history of pests into account. We’ll then schedule quarterly visits at convenient times that work around your day. If you have any questions between visits, our exterminators are only a call away!

More Information About Quarterly Services

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One-Time Pest Control Services

Quarterly services protect your home from future infestations, but one-time services are necessary if you discover wasps, bed bugs, or rodents in or around your home.

We utilize fast, effective, and safe methods to ensure that we’ve completely solved the problem before we leave your home. We also provide an industry-leading 30-day guarantee for your peace of mind. No matter the size or scope of the project, you can count on our team from start to finish!

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As long-time industry veterans, we can tell you with confidence that choosing the right pest control company is the difference between enjoying peace of mind and making phone calls for follow-up appointments.

We know that you want to get back to pest-free living, and we’ll work quickly and diligently to ensure that you can do just that.

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