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Anchor Pest Services can handle many types of pests in your home, including Asian beetles, carpenter ants, bed bugs, rats, and more. Our technicians have been specially trained to deal with the region's most annoying and destructive pests, and they can assist you with pest removal from your home.

Our pest control maintenance programs assist in ensuring that pests no longer find your home appealing. With over two decades of experience, Anchor Pest Services provides eco-friendly and affordable extermination pest control services that are unrivaled in terms of effectiveness.

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Although it may sound cliche, the best defense is a potent offense in the pest control industry. You can, of course, contact your local pest control company as soon as you notice a problem, but we think it's safe to assume you'd rather avoid the stress and hassle and enjoy a pest-free home or business. At Anchor Pest Services, we believe that you should not have to wait until pests have taken over your property before contacting a pest control company. We are proud to offer quarterly pest control services to give you peace of mind and make your life easier.

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What Makes Anchor Pest Services Different

  • Unrivaled customer satisfaction guarantee

  • Products and solutions that are suitable for both humans and animals

  • Leading-edge technology

  • Rates that are reasonable and do not include any hidden fees

  • Exterminators who are friendly and knowledgeable provide excellent service

Types of Pests We Remove


Mice, Wasps, and Bed Bugs 




Spiders, Ticks, Ants, and Other Seasonal Pests


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Pest control isn't an industry where you can afford to settle for a mediocre company doing subpar work — you can't afford to accept anything less than perfect results. If they are not, you will not only have to pay more money out of your pocket to have the job done again, but you will also have to deal with a pest infestation for a much more extended period than you would otherwise!

Pest control is similar to property maintenance tasks in that the least expensive problems are the ones you never have to fix, and that is the approach we take with our quarterly pest protection program. If you invest in our guaranteed pest control package, you can rest assured that a technician will be on-site every season to inspect your property and ensure that it is ready for the coming months.

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Pests do not take vacations. They are a year-round threat in New Hampshire and all of its surrounding areas.

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Hooksett Pest Control

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Because of our extensive pest control experience, we can continue to set new standards and best practices for pest control companies in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We proudly stand behind our pest removal services with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and we never sacrifice safety or efficacy to save time or money. Allow us to add you to our list of happy and satisfied customers by scheduling your free inspection right now!

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