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Is there anything more uncomfortable than knowing that pests have made your home their own? Okay — we can think of a few things that are worse, but discovering an ant colony in the cupboard or watching rats scurry across the floor are up there. Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary; a place of peace. At Anchor Pest Services, we’re committed to helping you restore your peace of mind and return to pest-free living as quickly as you can. We offer one-time and quarterly services which you can learn about in more detail below. Get in touch with us to request a free pest inspection for your home today!

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One-Time Pest Control Services in Salem

Not everyone needs year-round pest control services. If you’ve discovered wasps, bed bugs, mice, or another kind of rodent in your home, give us a call to schedule a one-time visit from our exterminators. Unlike some Salem pest control companies, we offer our one-time pest control at an affordable price that doesn’t penalize you if you don’t sign up for quarterly services. We believe that integrity and results are much more important.

We don’t just stop at providing excellent pest control services, though. We back our work with a 30-day guarantee, just in case you need us to come back for a follow-up inspection or treatment. At the end of the day, we understand that you’re ultimately paying for peace of mind, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you choose Anchor Pest Services.

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Quarterly Pest Control Services in Salem

Our one-time pest control services are a great way to rid your property of pests once they’ve invaded, but our quarterly services are designed to address the problem before it even begins. After all, isn’t the best defense a good offense?

When you invest in our quarterly services, you can expect us to come to your home four times each year to inspect your property and prepare it for defense against seasonal and year-round pests such as mice, wasps, ants, and more. Our technicians are always on time and ready to get to work, and we take pride in ensuring that our customers understand exactly what we’re doing and why. If you have additional follow-up questions, we’re always happy to help.

Give us a call for year-round protection from rodents, insects, spiders, ants, and other Salem pests!

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Salem and the surrounding areas are a home to a host of pests that can cause serious structural damage and put your family at risk of disease, and the last thing you want is to put the things you hold close at risk. We put your family and your home first and utilize cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly products to ensure that children and pets are protected while we work. You can also expect transparent pricing and no hidden costs or fees — we’re completely transparent about our Salem pest control services.

Don’t let pests make your home their own. Don’t waste your time and money on expensive DIY methods that utilize harsh chemicals that could harm your landscape, pets, and children. Instead, rely on Anchor Pest Services to provide you with exceptional protection at a price you can afford.

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