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Stopping Spiders in Their Tracks

Spiders have a way of being cute, ugly, and scary all at the same time. They truly are fascinating creatures (not insects, mind you) who have evolved to perfection over millions of years to be dynamic killing machines.

While on one hand, this is a great thing, for without spiders, we may possibly be overrun with insects, poisonous spiders can harm humans, most often accidentally. Plus, waking up in the middle of the night, turning on the light, and seeing a big spider crawl across the floor can be downright disturbing and can almost cause a heart attack.

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Spider Pest Control

Spiders are hundreds of millions of years old, having appeared at least 300 million years ago. They are perfectly adapted to whatever environment they live in, having settled on every continent except Antarctica. At latest count, there are at least 48,200 different kinds of spider species on this diverse planet of ours. It is estimated that there are 25 million tons of spiders (yes, that's tons, not numbers) and they rid the earth of between 400-800 million tons of prey (the vast majority of this being insects) every year.

Almost every ancient known culture had spider myths, such as Arachne of ancient Greece fame who made the mistake of challenging the goddess Minerva to a weaving contest. When Arachne beat Minerva, the goddess became enraged and beat her. Arachne then hung herself out of shame. Minerva, feeling guilty for what she did, then turned Arachne into a spider. Spiders today are of the order Araneae, their name taken from Arachne's name.

Anchor Pest Services offers the best pest control services throughout New Hampshire and NE Massachusetts. From spider pest control and mice control to ant and insect control, we have all of your residential pest control needs covered. We are constantly raising the bar for pest control services, offering family and pet-friendly pesticides that won't harm anything but the pests. Below, we'll go over some of the reasons to rid your home of spiders and the benefits of spider pest control services in New Hampshire and NE Massachusetts. Contact us for a pest control estimate today!


Spiders Bite

Almost all spiders use venom to stun their prey so that they can then kill them. Luckily, there are only a few with venom powerful enough to kill humans (the brown recluse spiders and the black widow spider are the biggest culprits here in the United States). However, all spiders will bite, and all of us will have a different reaction to spider bites than someone else. These bites can be painful and can cause welts or abrasions on your skin. Some may even need to be seen by a doctor if they last more than a few days. Thus, inside your home, you should treat all spiders as if they were your mortal enemies.

Spiders Spin Webs

The vast majority of spiders spin webs to catch their prey. Spider webs are made from silk that spiders produce inside their bodies. Pound for pound spider web silk is stronger than steel, perfectly created to ensure that once a prey gets stuck, it is not escaping. However, like all creatures, spiders don't clean up after themselves, so when they die or they move on, they leave their webs behind. Being extremely sticky, these webs then collect dust and pollen and can exacerbate upper respiratory conditions, such as asthma. Furthermore, spider webs in corners are just unsightly.


If You Have Spiders, Then You Have Bugs

A spider didn't just pick your home because it liked your landscaping and thought it would make a great home. A spider follows its prey; thus, if you see a spider in your home, it is surviving somehow, and most likely it is surviving off bugs in your home. Thus, while you are investing in spider pest control services with a top-notch pest control service company, such as Anchor Pest Services in Manchester, you should also probably have your home checked for and if necessary treated for other unseen pests lurking in and/or around your home.


Phobias can be paralyzing to people who have them. They are definitely something not to be taken lightly. When someone with arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders, sees a spider, they can become paralyzed with fear, and their hearts can race dangerously high. If someone in your family or someone who frequents your house, such as a babysitter, have arachnophobia, you most definitely need to call your local pest control company for spider pest control services right away.


Anchor Pest Services has got your pest infestations, including any spider infestations, covered. When you partner with us, you can be guaranteed your pests will be gone. Contact us today for a pest control estimate!