4 Tips for Keeping Mosquitoes Out This Summer

Two patio chairs around a fire pit

The first day of summer is just around the corner!

Barbeques, pool parties, and other fun summer activities are all on the calendar, and unfortunately, mosquitoes are the uninvited guests guaranteed to show up. Below, we’ll discuss four easy ways you can keep mosquitoes at bay as you, your friends, and your family enjoy the warm summer weather.

As we’ll discuss at length in our final point, contacting a professional pest control company is the most effective — and most convenient — way to keep mosquitoes at bayAnchor Pest Services provides fast and affordable pest control services in New Hampshire that will protect you and your family not just through the summer, but throughout the entire year. Give us a call to learn more about what we can do for you!

Eliminate Standing Water

Did you know that mosquitoes can lay eggs in a pool of water the size of a bottle cap? Given this fact, it’s no surprise that kiddie pools, dog bowls, bird feeders, and even children’s toys all become mosquito hotbeds shortly after it rains. You don’t have to stop using all of these items in order to prevent mosquitoes, but we do recommend that you remain mindful about what you leave out in the yard.

Keep in mind that removing pools of water isn’t necessarily a silver bullet. You may find that you still have mosquitoes flying around your property no matter how diligent you are, but minimizing the amount of standing water around your property can help you prevent it from turning into a breeding ground, which in turn reduces the total number of mosquitoes you might encounter.

Utilize Repellant

EPA-approved repellents are effective, but they’re understandably not anyone’s first choice when it comes to mosquito control. Many people dislike the texture of the spray when it’s applied to their skin, and others have a difficult time breathing in the chemicals and fragrances for hours at a time.

If you haven’t invested in professional mosquito control and need to use repellant, try using it during the hours when mosquitoes are the most active. In our area, this is typically dusk and early morning.

Burn Piñon Wood

Mosquitoes don’t like smoke, and they dislike strong-smelling smoke even more. If you enjoy using a wood-burning fire pit during the summer, you may want to consider burning piñon wood to create a strong aroma that will ward off mosquitoes. You can find piñon in most local hardware stores or online, but just keep in mind that you may want to start small before purchasing a large quantity.

Call a Pest Control Company

The three tips discussed above all require making concessions. Eliminating standing water requires you to spend time in your yard; applying repellent requires you to put something on that could make you uncomfortable; piñon wood may not be your first choice when it’s time to gather everyone around the fire pit. Moreover, they’re not guaranteed to work. You might have to do some combination of all three just to ward off the majority of mosquitoes in your area, but you or your guests could still get bit.

At Anchor Pest Services, we believe that mosquito control shouldn’t be expensive or inconvenient. If you choose to work with us for your pest control needs, it’s as easy as giving us a call and scheduling an inspection for your home. We offer an ongoing pest control service as well as an added option for tick and mosquito control, allowing you to protect your home from two of the summer’s most dangerous pests.

Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to get started!

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