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Bed Bug Treatment in Manchester 

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Anchor Pest Services is a family owned and operated business offering quality bed bug treatment in Manchester, Merrimack, Rockingham, Hillsborough, Strafford, and Belknap Counties. Our technicians are the best trained in the industry with weekly trainings and the most effective and proven methods for eliminating bed bugs. 

Please contact us at (603) 317-4700 for more information about our bed bug treatment service.

Signs of a Bed Bug Problem 

Bed bugs are tiny, parasitic insects that are nocturnal and spread rapidly. Identifying a bed bug problem as early as possible is essential for avoiding a large infestation. These insects feed on human blood and are often found in sleeping areas. They are commonly picked up when traveling, staying in hotels, and can be accidentally brought into the house on second hand furniture and clothing.  

Signs of bed bugs include: 

  • Red, itchy bites 
  • Interrupted sleep 
  • A musty odor with larger infestations 
  • Shed skins 
  • Red or brown spots on sheets or mattresses 

Since bed bugs are tiny and like to stay hidden, it is possible to have bed bugs without having noticed live bugs. Check in the seams of mattresses, cracks of the bed frame or head board, inside electrical outlets, inside curtain folds, behind wallpaper, baseboards, and picture frames. As the infestation grows, they can travel to other areas of the house and may be found in sofas and upholstered chairs. In hotels and apartment buildings, the pests can spread from room to room and infest the entire building. 

When you notice these signs and suspect that bed bugs have invaded, it is important to call for professional service as soon as possible to stop the further spread. Don’t hesitate to call for an inspection to confirm the presence of bed bugs. The technician will evaluate the problem and determine the best way to eliminate the pests. 

Safe & Effective Bed Bug Treatment 

Bed bugs are extremely challenging to find and eradicate without the right methods and expertise. A professional pest control technician can provide safe and effective bed bug treatment in Manchester. When the job is done by a qualified pest control specialist, it is a one time service, unlike other types of pests that may require regular treatments. 

Many people have concerns about the safety of pest control products for their families and the environment. The products and methods used for bed bug treatment are eco-friendly and safe for kids, pets, your property, and the local environment. 

Call for a Risk-Free Assessment 

At Anchor Pest Services, we offer people and pet friendly bed bug treatment in Manchester at affordable prices. We offer a risk free inspection to identify the presence of bed bugs and free estimate for treatment to eliminate them. Every pest problem is unique, so we take a custom approach to provide the most effective solutions for every customer. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

If you have noticed signs of bed bugs, call Anchor Pest Services at (603) 317-4700 for an inspection.

Exceptional Service Guaranteed What Others Are Saying About Us

  • “These guys do a great job. We had very few mosquitoes this summer, the only time we did was when I skipped a treatment. And while most dog owners were exclaiming about how bad the ticks were this year, we only found one!” - Martha D.
  • “What a fast professional and friendly tech! Dan you were great!!! I hope you are treated well with your company! You are an asset to them.” - Kristina T.
  • “Fast same day service. Fully explained procedure and time needed to complete hornets nest removal. Professional, thorough, friendly. No come back required. Service complete.” - Raymond M.
  • “Excellent response to questions and concerns.” - James D.
  • “Anchor pest is incredible. I emailed them that I noticed mice and they sent a technician out within 2 hours. Keith came out, was polite and professional and addressed all my concerns. Couldn’t be happier with this company.” - Lindsay H.
  • “He should up within a few hours of calling him, he was quick but thorough in his examination of our home, and was beyond friendly! We highly recommend Anchor Pest!” - TJ A.
  • “Very professional and quick service! My husband is a tick magnet and has had two embedded in him already this year; one last night. I called in the morning and within a few hours, Zachary had come to spray.” - Karen S.
  • “Prentiss is an excellent and knowledgeable technician and representative of Anchor. He answered all my questions and gave very thorough explanations of the treatments being applied, how they work, and what to watch for.” - Bill D.
  • “Dave was awesome. Listened attentively to our issues. Explained what he found and actions taken. Yet another great experience with Anchor Pest Services.” - Jim R.
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