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Commercial Pest Control in Manchester

Protecting Businesses Throughout Merrimack, Rockingham, & Hillsborough Counties

As a business owner or property manager, it’s likely you know full well that pests can be a significant hindrance. Not only do they put the safety, cleanliness, and hygiene of the workplace at risk, but they can also disrupt productivity and damage your business’s reputation. For example, rodents or insects in a restaurant can cause customers to lose trust in the food and the establishment itself. In an office setting, pests can spread disease and create an unpleasant environment for employees and visitors. Pest infestations can also result in costly repairs and replacements for damaged furniture, walls, wiring, insulation, and other building materials. 

Having reliable pest control services is essential in keeping businesses pest-free and productive. Anchor Pest Services is Manchester’s leading commercial pest control provider with teams of licensed technicians who specialize in treating a wide range of pests such as rats, mice, ants, fleas, cockroaches, termites, and more. 

Our experienced team will use their expertise to identify potential pest threats within your property and provide solutions tailored to your specific business needs. We understand that each job is different so we make sure to inspect your buildings thoroughly before creating a customized plan of action that ensures you won’t be bothered by pests anymore. 

To schedule a free estimate call (603) 317-4700 or complete our online request form. We look forward to partnering with you to protect your business!

Most Common Pests Invading Manchester Businesses

Businesses around the area can and have encountered a variety of pest problems that can cause damage, spread disease, and contaminate products. But there are a few that frequently show up and cause trouble.

The most common pest invaders include: 

  • Ants – Ant infestations are difficult to eradicate because they often move in colonies, reproduce quickly, and may even build nests indoors.
  • Cockroaches – Roaches carry a wide range of diseases and live off food residues as well as other organic matter; they also produce foul odors that can be unpleasant to customers or employees.
  • Rodents (such as mice and rats) – These destructive pests breed rapidly, contaminate food supplies with their droppings, chew through wires causing fires, and leave behind their fur all over the premises.
  • Bedbugs – These parasites feed on human blood while people sleep at night creating itchy welts on exposed skin areas when bitten; bedbugs are especially difficult to get rid of since they hide away during the day in hard-to-reach places such as underneath mattresses or furniture crevices making them virtually invisible until after an infestation has taken hold. 
  • Flies – Flies not only bother Manchester business owners but customers too; flies spread germs and bacteria, potentially leading to outbreaks of food poisoning and illnesses.

Manchester business owners should take steps to prevent pest infestations by keeping their premises clean and free from clutter, sealing up entry points around windows and doors, eliminating potential sources of food and water, and contacting a professional pest control company if problems arise. Anchor Pest Services can provide an effective way to keep Manchester businesses pest-free so they can operate safely and productively. 

Why Partnering With Us Is a Smart Business Move

At Anchor Pest Services, we're business owners ourselves so we understand firsthand the importance of keeping a business pest-free and looking professional. Not only does it create a more pleasant environment for customers, but it also keeps employees safe and productive. 

It’s essential to create an atmosphere of trust and credibility, and pests can be a major obstacle to this goal. We know that being pest-free is more than just about getting rid of existing infestations – it’s about preventing future ones as well. That’s why our team takes extra precautions to identify possible threats before they become an issue so that your business can remain clean and secure at all times.

We provide comprehensive pest control programs for the following facilities and industries:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Hotels and hospitality businesses 
  • Food processing plants 
  • Industrial warehouses 
  • Healthcare facilities 
  • Nursing homes 
  • Assisted living programs 
  • Office buildings and corporate offices      
  • Schools and educational institutions 
  • Apartment complexes

When you partner with us, we make it worth the investment byoffering flexible scheduling options so that our services will never interfere with or hinder your day-to-day operations. Our eco-friendly solutions are safe for both humans and animals while still being effective in eliminating any existing infestations as well as preventing future ones from occurring. 

Our commitment to customer service means that you will always have access to knowledgeable professionals who are friendly and ready to answer all questions you may have about pest control for your business. With Anchor Pest Services on hand working hard for you every step of the way, your Manchester business can have peace of mind knowing their premises are protected from any unwanted guests!

Reach out to our Manchester team todayto schedule a free estimate for commercial pest control services. Our phone number is (603) 317-4700. We are standing by and will respond quickly to your call.

Exceptional Service Guaranteed What Others Are Saying About Us

  • “Anchor pest is incredible. I emailed them that I noticed mice and they sent a technician out within 2 hours. Keith came out, was polite and professional and addressed all my concerns. Couldn’t be happier with this company.” - Lindsay H.
  • “Mr. Martin did a great job! He is a very pleasant man and represents your company well.” - Susan H.
  • “They are really friendly and come right away when there's any issue. Reasonably priced, too. Great company.” - Annie H.
  • “Excellent response to questions and concerns.” - James D.
  • “Since using their services, I've seen a significant decrease in pests around my house. We haven't had a single carpenter ant inside our house since we started using their services. I haven't seen any more mice in my shed either. Conor OBrian is always very” - Jamie B.
  • “Matt was great, super helpful and very professional. Listened to my comments and acted on my questions, he really was very nice and I'm really happy with the service I received.” - Theo R.
  • “We were using another service but figured we'd try Anchor, so glad we did! They price matched, stuck to what they promised when we signed up and the gentleman that came out for the service was GREAT!” - Christina B.
  • “We feel so comfortable with this service. We know we made the right decision with Anchor.” - Diana C.
  • “He should up within a few hours of calling him, he was quick but thorough in his examination of our home, and was beyond friendly! We highly recommend Anchor Pest!” - TJ A.

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    You shouldn’t have to pay in order to keep pests from making your home their own. Look for a company that offers free, no-risk estimates that allow you to understand both the extent of the problem as well as the available options.
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    Pest control is like any other service — you deserve to work with friendly and helpful staff members who take the time to understand your needs and answer any questions you have. If you don’t feel like a company cares, it’s time to move on.
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    Make sure that you understand exactly what you’re paying for when you sign a contract. The best pest control companies will provide you with a clear and transparent quote that doesn’t include hidden charges or fees.
  • Guaranteed Results
    The only thing worse than having pests in your home is having them return once you’ve already paid for pest control services. Look for a company like Anchor Pest Services that offers a pest-free guarantee on every job.

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