4 Dangerous Pests You Need to Know About

Having pests in your house can be a nuisance, but some types of insects and rodents are downright dangerous. More than just bothersome, pests like rodents and spiders can pose serious health risks to both people and pets, and some pests like termites are extremely destructive to the structures in your home.

Today, the pest control pros at Anchor Pest Services explore four of the most dangerous pests that can be a threat to your health, safety, and the structural integrity of your home. Keep reading to learn more, and if you think you have a pest problem, contact us right away to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection.

a termite nest


Homeowners in Southern New Hampshire and Massachusetts spend thousands on termite repair costs every year. These elusive critters are challenging to detect until they've already done a lot of damage to a home’s structure, making them one of the most dangerous pests. Termites feed on the cellulose found in wood, which is why they will eat through everything made of wood, including paper, drywall, and even books. As termites eat away at a solid wood structure, or other wooden components of a house, this activity makes the overall structure weak and brittle, thereby creating a severe safety hazard. Learn more about our termite treatment to see how we can help you avoid termite damage.

small field mouse


Rats, mice, and other rodents are most active at night and try to stay as far away from humans as possible, making them difficult to detect. You may not observe rodents in your home at all until the infestation has gone undiscovered for a long time and breeding has already happened. A good rule of thumb is that when there’s one rodent, there’s usually another nearby. Rodents can cause property damage, and more importantly, they can transmit several diseases to both people and pets. If you think you have rodents in your home, call Anchor Pest Services right away for prompt and thorough rodent control.

wasp nest


Wasp nests are a source of concern for many homeowners. Fruit trees and flowers are known to attract these stinging insects and they will become territorial to protect these sources of food. They generally build their nests in your home’s eaves and doorframes or in your garage, which is more isolated. Wasps are inherently aggressive predators, and will sting when they feel threatened, whereas bees only strike when provoked. A wasp’s sting leaves a painful welt that can take weeks or longer to fully heal, and they will sting anything they feel threatened by, including children and pets.

spider on web


Spiders weave their silk webs around the exterior of homes, in garages, and in closets to catch and feed on their prey. While many spiders are considered “helpers” because they eat other pests found around the home like mosquitoes, many are highly aggressive, packing a painful punch with their bite. Other species, like the common bulbous black widow spider, often found in wood stacks and garages, are poisonous and can cause serious reactions, health complications, and may even be fatal.

Have you found any of these dangerous pests in or around your home that need to be removed immediately? Be it termites, rodents, wasps, spiders, or any other pests, Anchor Pest Services is here to help. We offer a guaranteed pest control program, which we will tailor to the type of pest infestation you’re experiencing.

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