Common Ways Pests Enter Your Home

Even when you keep your house clean and tidy, pests of all kinds will find ways to sneak into your home. Whether it’s rodents seeking shelter from the cold in your garage, or ants looking for sugar in your pantry, they can sneak in through the tiniest openings around your home. The trouble is, once they get in and have access to shelter, water, and food, it’s hard to get these uninvited guests to leave without the help of pest control experts.

That all said, being aware of how pests and rodents enter your home can help you take proactive measures to keep the pests out. Read on to find out some common ways pests enter your home, and contact your friends at Anchor Pest Services to schedule a free pest inspection.

front door open

Doors and Windows

It's simple for pests to get inside when doors and windows are not securely sealed. The seals on windows and doors deteriorate and detach with use, making it easier for pests to get in. Anywhere you can see the light through a break in your door is a potential path for pests to enter. Open windows that don’t have screens attached can also be a way pests make an entry.

inside a ventilation duct

Ventilation System

The most common entry point for pests is through air vents and duct openings. Exhaust fans and dryer vents are two other possible entry places for pests, especially because these are often located at ground level near insect habitats around your home’s exterior. Check your ducts and vents regularly for signs of pests, and clean them frequently to prevent debris buildup where pests like to hide. Also, have any broken vents repaired right away.

cracked foundation


Cracks in the foundation appear at the base of your home's facade. These are frequently found beneath the house or under decks where bugs and rodents frequent. When the cracks are large enough, insects and mice are the most common pests to enter through these openings. Keep in mind that a mouse can squash its body through openings the size of a dime, so even a small crack can be problematic.

house plant

Objects Carried Into The Home

Pests like bed bugs, also known as the hitchhiking bug, and clingy insects like ticks, enter the home by hitching rides in luggage, on used furniture, and even on our pets! Pests often find hiding spots in plants, decorations, and firewood, and will also find their way into our homes through our shoes, clothes, and other objects.

If you think pests like ants, rodents, or even termites have found their way into your home, let us lend a hand with our guaranteed pest control process. Ready to learn more? Contact the pest control experts at Anchor Pest Control, proudly serving Southern New Hampshire and Massachusetts, to schedule a free pest inspection.

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