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Winter Pest Control Guide

This Winter, Don’t Let Pests Make Your Home Their Own

New England winters are known for being cold and unforgiving. Just as you and your family are spending more time indoors as you seek shelter from the cold winter weather, pests will be looking for sanctuary, too. Anchor Pest Services has been a top pest control company in New Hampshire for years and, in that time, we’ve gained experience with a variety of wintertime pests that we hope we can help you avoid. Continue reading below to learn more, and get in touch with us if you need fast and affordable pest control!

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What to expect when the Temperature Drops Common Winter Pests

How to Keep Pests Out During Winter

Seal Your Home

Home exterior with garage

As you can probably infer from the discussion of common winter pests above, many of these pests gain entry through small openings and other hard-to-spot entry points. You can protect your property by sealing cracks and holes along the outside of your home, including inside of window wells. Then, turn your attention toward your doors and windows to make sure that no cracks or gaps are allowing pests to come through. (This can also help you keep your home more comfortable when you turn the heater on!

Make sure that your backyard and other areas around your home are free of clutter and other areas that could provide pests with safe harbor. Firewood should always be stored at least 20 feet from your home, and if you have an outdoor storage shed, make sure that you store items off of the floor whenever possible.

Dispose of Trash Properly

Overflowing trash bins

Improper trash storage and disposal is almost guaranteed to attract pests to your home. It’s easy to put off taking your trash out when the weather outside is frightful, but regularly changing your trash bags and reducing odors will minimize the risk of unexpected guests making their way inside. You should also make sure that you’ve thoroughly rinsed recyclables before putting them out on the curb, and don’t forget to check to make sure that both your trash can and recycling bin have tight-fitting lids. Take time to clean around your trash storage areas each month to prevent spills and scraps from providing pests with an easy-to-access food source

Be Cautious with Secondhand Goods

Woman on her phone on the couch

Although many retailers now actively take precautions in order to protect customers, used furniture and other secondhand goods are often how pests such as moths, spiders, and bed bugs make their way into homes. If you choose to purchase a piece of secondhand furniture, thoroughly inspect it and vacuum it before bringing it inside your home. We recommend that you never pick anything up off of the curb, but if you do, be sure to vacuum the piece and wash anything that can safely be put into a washing machine before using it. You should also keep in mind that in many cases, paying for professional pest control will often make a piece of secondhand furniture just as costly as something brand new

Experience the Difference Why Choose Us?

  • Free Inspections
    You shouldn’t have to pay in order to keep pests from making your home their own. Look for a company that offers free, no-risk estimates that allow you to understand both the extent of the problem as well as the available options.
  • Helpful Technicians
    Pest control is like any other service — you deserve to work with friendly and helpful staff members who take the time to understand your needs and answer any questions you have. If you don’t feel like a company cares, it’s time to move on.
  • Affordable Rates Without Hidden Fees
    Make sure that you understand exactly what you’re paying for when you sign a contract. The best pest control companies will provide you with a clear and transparent quote that doesn’t include hidden charges or fees.
  • Guaranteed Results
    The only thing worse than having pests in your home is having them return once you’ve already paid for pest control services. Look for a company like Anchor Pest Services that offers a pest-free guarantee on every job.

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