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The summer months in New Hampshire are filled with sunny days, warm nights, and unfortunately, a host of seasonal pests that will jump at the opportunity to vacation in and around your home. As part of our dedication to helping all of the local communities we serve, we’ve written a short guide to help you keep some of the most common summer pests out of your home and away from your property. We hope that this guide is enough to help you enjoy pest-free fun in the sun, but we’re always here to help if you need fast and affordable pest control at any time. Just give us a call and let us know how we can help!

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Common Summer Pests

Mosquitoes, spiders, ticks, and rodents are the four most common pests you’ll find in our area during the summer months. They’re also some of the most problematic pests due to the health risks they pose and should always be addressed by a professional exterminator.

Your home is supposed to be a place of peace and relaxation, so don’t hesitate to give our local pest control company a call if you have any unwelcome visitors making your home their own this summer. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities!



Is there anything more annoying than swatting mosquitoes away as you’re trying to enjoy an evening barbeque with your friends? Mosquitoes are one of the most common pests in the New Hampshire area and are known to carry harmful diseases, which makes it important to prevent them from breeding in areas around your home.

The best way to prevent a mosquito infestation is to eliminate pools of standing water around your home. Kiddie pools, water bowls for pets, bird feeders, and anywhere else that holds water for several days provides mosquitoes with an opportune breeding ground. Moreover, preventing a mosquito infestation by eliminating standing water is more difficult than you might expect, as mosquitoes can lay up to 100 eggs in a quarter-sized pool of water!

If you’re looking for mosquito control give Anchor Pest Services a call. Our control methods are effective and they come with a satisfaction guarantee!

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Many spider species are harmless and benefit the local ecosystem, but some in the New Hampshire area do have venomous bites. Venomous or non-venomous, spiders are most commonly found in dark, secluded areas in and around residential homes. If you’ve found spiders in your home, then they’ve found a source of food. Whether it’s your basement, garage, or a more commonly used area of your home, the presence of spiders is a reliable indication of other pests.

Instead of treating the symptom by investing in DIY spider control traps or sprays, contact our local pest control experts for a free home inspection. We’ll help you determine if any other pests have taken up residence in your home and help you find a lasting resolution as quickly as we can.

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Fully grown ticks are approximately .125 inches in size, but they’re easily one of the most dangerous pests not just in New Hampshire, but around the country. They are known to harbor and transmit several serious diseases, Lyme disease being the most common.

Ticks take refuge in tall grasses, wooded areas, and anywhere else that allows them to attach themselves to a host — including pets. This makes it extremely important to take preventative measures both around your home and whenever you’re out enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

If you plan to hike, camp, or spend time in the outdoors, be sure to check yourself for tick bites. Some of the most common areas that ticks tend to attach themselves include the scalp, groin, armpits, and behind the ears. At home, you can keep ticks away by creating a barrier between your property and wooded areas, mowing your lawn frequently, removing leaf piles, and calling our tick control experts for a personalized plan.

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Mice, Rats, and Other Rodents

Mice, rats, and other rodents can be a nuisance for homeowners at any time of the year, but summer is when they are at their most active. Summer gardens, food scraps from outdoor events, compost piles, and firewood can all attract them to your property, putting you, your family, and your home at risk of disease and structural damage.

As is the case with other seasonal pests, the best way to solve a rodent infestation problem is to keep it from occurring in the first place. Anchor Pest Services is familiar with rodents in all of the local areas we serve, and we would be more than happy to help you come up with a plan to prevent rodents from making your home their own this summer.

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How to Keep Pests Away During Summer

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Be Mindful Outdoors

Spending time outdoors with friends and family is easily our favorite summertime activity, but it’s important to be aware of how get-togethers could increase your risk of a pest infestation.

If you host a barbeque, graduation party, or another outdoor event, make sure that food is covered unless it’s being eaten. If anything is dropped or spilled, clean up thoroughly to avoid attracting pests such as ants and mice.

Regardless of whether your trash and recycling are stored in your garage or outside, you should also make sure that the trash can is sealed tightly and that all recyclables have been thoroughly rinsed.

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Keep Your Yard Clean and Maintained

Pests love untended yards. Tall grass provides them with cover and safety, while piles of leaves, wood, and other organic matter all create ideal nesting grounds. As we mentioned above, mosquitoes can breed in extraordinarily small pools of water, and they love large ones even more.

The following tips can all reduce the likelihood of pests taking refuge around your property:

  • Regularly mow your lawn and keep bushes trimmed
  • Inspect patio furniture and children’s playsets for nests, webs, and other signs of pests
  • Be on the lookout for bees and wasps
  • Bring your pet’s toys inside each evening
  • Store firewood at least 20 feet away from your home
  • Clean your gutters to prevent buildup, rot, and standing water
  • Ensure that rainwater is diverted from your home
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Keep Your Kitchen Clean

The kitchen is one of the most common areas you may find pests, and it’s not hard to understand why. Spills, crumbs, dirty dishes, and improperly stored food can draw pests to your property, especially if you open your doors and windows in the morning to cool your home.

We recommend storing perishables in airtight containers, sweeping daily, and cleaning under and around major appliances at least once each month. Deep cleaning isn’t anyone’s favorite summertime activity, but it makes a significant difference when it comes to keeping unwanted guests out of your home!

Do You Need Professional Pest Control This Summer?


Monitor Your Property

After following the steps above, monitor your property inside and out throughout the summer. If you notice signs of pests or actually see them in or around your property, it’s time to contact our experts for additional help. See the graphic below for a few reasons why you shouldn’t use commercially available pest control products.


Schedule a Free Inspection

We’re willing to bet that calling a local pest control company probably isn’t on your summer to-do list, but it could be the difference between a full-blown infestation and a minor inconvenience. We offer free inspections so that you can make an informed decision based on our professional assessment.


Enjoy Guaranteed Results

Anchor Pest Services is proud to offer guaranteed results for you and your family’s peace of mind. We work tirelessly to ensure we solve the problem on our first visit to your home and rarely have to treat a property more than once, but our friendly experts will gladly come back for follow-up service if you need it.

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Summer Pest Control Guide

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